The Neurodivergent Musician

#5 Working Musician Struggles with Andy Booth

April 12, 2023 Jon Hart & Andy Booth Episode 5
The Neurodivergent Musician
#5 Working Musician Struggles with Andy Booth
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In this episode, I'm joined by Andy Booth (music industry liaison, festival booker and artist manager.) and we talk about working musician struggles. From touring, teaching, transitioning and the entrepreneurial side.  I thought I'd let the recording flow with this one, which is why it's around the 1h30m mark. Tons of golden eggs in there.

🔴 Red Section = Insights - Andy's background
🟡 Amber Section = Improvised - Struggles with music and business
🟢 Green Section = Recommendation - Trello

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Hey and welcome to the Neurodivergent Musician Podcast. I'm your host, Jon Hart i’ll be joined by my first special guest Mr Andy Booth where we’ll be talking about working musician struggles. I’ll let him introduce himself in a sec. Each episode is broken up into a traffic light format where we’ll share insights in the red section, improvised babble in the amber and recommendations you might find handy in the green.