The Neurodivergent Musician

Episode 1: Awareness

March 15, 2023 Jon Hart Episode 1
The Neurodivergent Musician
Episode 1: Awareness
The Neurodivergent Musician +
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In this episode, Jon Hart explores what it means to be a neurodivergent musician, spreading awareness, the challenges we face, and how we can work together to create a more inclusive and supportive music industry. Each episode is broken up into a traffic light format;

Red Section = Insights
Amber Section = Improvised Story
Green Section = Recommendation, which is the ADHD Adults Podcast

Like with every new project Jon is learning the ropes with podcasting. Give it a few episodes and he'll be in his stride - or not. The impulsive/convoluted babble is part of Jon being able to unmask and speak freely. Not something he's able to do much in the neurotypical world and music industry.

🎵 December (Transition) from Jon's Annual album, which you can listen on all streaming platforms or

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Red Section - Insights
Amber Section - Improvised
Green Section - Recommendation