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The Neurodivergent Musician

Jon Hart

Welcome to "The Neurodivergent Musician" podcast, where we delve into the unique experiences and challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals in the music industry, as well as general musicianship. I'm your host, Jon Hart, a neurodivergent musician and educator, and I'm joined by my co-host Luna, my trusty guitar. Throughout the podcast, I'll share my personal journey of self-discovery, from being unaware of my neurodivergent traits to becoming aware of them and seeking treatment. I'll also discuss the obstacles I've faced and the strategies I've developed to navigate the music industry as a neurodivergent musician. While the podcast is primarily a solo show, we'll occasionally bring on guests who share their own experiences and insights, whether they're neurodivergent or not. Our format includes two neurodivergent episodes, two musicianship episodes, and one guest episode, which we repeat. This podcast is for anyone who is neurodivergent or a musician looking for support and resources. To support the podcast and keep it running, there are three options you can choose from. The first option is to leave a review on a streaming platform such as Apple Podcasts. The second option is to become a monthly supporter of the show by visiting, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $3 to $10. Lastly, you can also take part in the crowdfunder for my neurodivergent album and select one of the available packages at